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Don’t think about oranges!

The final part of Friday's seminar on Inspiration was about mental training. Colstrup stated that every given day, we have about 100' thoughts in our mind. The day after, we've kept about 95% of those thoughts, so we focus on trying to control which new thoughts enter our minds. Have a thought entered our minds, it's difficult to get rid of it. And those thoughts we keep, are the positive motivating ones. Therefore we make it a habit to think about our objectives and the steps we will take today to reach them.

Another interesting reflection is that it's not suitable for our brains to have "not" thoughts. You know the old trick – close your eyes for 30 seconds and DON'T THINK ABOUT ORANGES. What do you do? Well, some cannot restrain themselves from thinking about oranges while most of us others think about apples, pears and such. We could think about just everything in the world but think about something similar to an orange. Are you surprised why negative motivations don't work as well as positive?

What are you going to think about today?

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