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A really cool solution

I guess few people turn to software development because they hate the new, cool stuff. I guess there are not a majority of software developers who hate making that intelligent, impressive solution to the problems. But what can we learn from this video?

Impressive, isn't it? I guess you developer guys look and that and are amazed by the smartness, the cool details and the automation. But even if it's a really clever solution for solving the problem of opening the blinds when you're going up in the morning, is it really the smartest one? Even if the individual details and solutions are really smart, the overall result is just an over complicated system which is impossible to maintain or scale.

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Up or down?

When I've been working in projects which involve integrations between systems (which projects does not include that, I wonder), I often think about how developers refers to the integration and most specifically how they describe the direction. In my department at least, you have your own system on top, and then you send stuff down to other systems.

Dev System A: – We need info BB, so you'll send that up to us.
Dev System B: – Yes, and you also need info BBB, so we'll send that down to you.

For me, that is so confusing. What is Up and what is Down in an integration? I've up until now seen UI as above the business and database layers, but these discussions are making me unsure. Or perhaps it's just my developers pulling my leg and having a laugh on my behalf.

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