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The most prioritized things

When we now move into 2010, I get to summarize my first year at TUI Nordic. It’s been a wildly interesting year and to be frank; I had no idea that I would change so my views, ideas and focus in such a relatively short period. To keep it short, I’ve come to believe that the main focus for product owners, project managers and such should not be in the techniques and methods of software development.

Yes, the product owner should be deeply involved in scrum or kanban and work daily with the team. The product owner should be as fluent as the best of the team members in the chosen methodology, but the methodology is not what brings the ultimate success. What brings ultimate success is understanding what brings business value, find ways to prioritize and to make developers, stakeholders, sponsors and customers understand why we prioritize in a certain way and how things will work. When I say that this should be the product owner’s main focus, I say that this is where his heart should be.

What brings business value?

In so many positions, I have after a while revaluated what the business is. Too many times, the by the management canalized  description of the business has not been the truth. Not that they lied, it was more like they didn’t understand this fully. Sometimes they don’t understand the complexity, sometimes they are way off the truth, focusing on the wrong stuff and things don’t bring business value. But the truth is often more complex than first perceived.

When I moved to the leisure travel business at TUI Nordic, I had no idea what the business was. Yes, I knew it is about people, free time and holidays away from home but I had no idea it would be so complex. Just before Christmas I was given a research assignment by my boss and while completing that task, my views were overturned again.

The road to learning what truly brings business value is empathy and social intelligence. Empathic listening to people outside your comfort zone can change your paradigm. Everyone can place a priority number besides a product backlog item but it’s only the empathic listener who can make the best priorities.

How to make propositions a reality

Software development is all about bringing ideas to life in the form of software development. Using a software development methodology is all about techniques to make things becoming built. But developers need to build the right things so that they do the right stuff the right way and everyone else involved need to understand what is built, why and how. Scrum and kanban gives you tools but no tool is better than the person holding it. Again, the leadership and empathic listening is in my view crucial.

It’s not about being the office clown

Don’t understand me wrong. I don’t think that product owners should be dancing about in the halls of the office trying to become the most popular guy on the block. I’ve had such a boss who acted like a speeded rabbit, trying to be cheerful and optimistic. Since he had no depth, it was actually more depressing to see his faked smiles and hollow laughs.

It’s about being like Gene Kranz, here depictured in Apollo 13. You’ve probably seen the movie, but even if you have, sit down and think about the leader in this short sequence. Wouldn’t you like to work for this guy and don’t you think he would make an excellent product owner?