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A clear objective is no silver bullet

I’ve many times, as so many others, stressed the importance of clear and shared objectives, but is that enough?

Just because you and everyone else know the objective does not mean you share the same view on how you measure if the objective has been reached and what is key to reach the objective. I believe that the measurement and and the main road is as important. The high focus on just setting the objective(s) is simply not enough. If the group does not share the same view on how success is measured and what is important in order to reach the objectives, I believe there will not be a factual common objective within that group.

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I’m alive! And I’ve collected all MS Project tutorial posts

2011/03/26 3 comments

Sorry I haven’t written lately but neither has Shakespeare… I simply don’t have a good excuse rather than priorities have been elsewhere.

But finally I’ve collected all the post links on one page.

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