Microsoft project Tutorial

On this blog, I’ve posted a number of posts which together form a tutorial for MS Project. Here I’ve collected the links to all posts.

Part 1: Basic terms: work, duration and units

Part 2: Change working time and how you implement focus factor

Part 3: How you link/create dependencies between tasks

Part 4: How you enter Duration (or lead time)

Part 5: How you specify dates for activities

Part 6: How you format your Gantt chart

Part 7: How you manipulate the tables, make custom columns, etc

Part 8: How you create hierarchies and headlines or top level tasks

Part 9: How you work with part time resources and resource groups

Part 10: How you can visualize when you work with resource planning

Part 11: Resource pools, linked projects, programs consisting of many sub projects, etc

Part 12: How you enter costs or specify resource costs

Part 13: How you use the baseline or how you save a copy of the project at project start – mandatory if you want to compare plan with outcome

Part 14: Simple follow up of plan

Part 15: Advanced follow up of plan

Part 16: A quick guide for reading Gantt charts and some DON’Ts if you don’t want to end up with a failed project

Part 17: More about Work, Duration & Units – some advanced notes for you stuck with this problem

Part 18: A post about what can go wrong with your project file during the project.

Part 19: Why you should never, ever use the leveling function

Part 20: What is the critical path, what is it good for and when can it be misleading

Part 21: How do you create splits in tasks

Part 22: Formatting a process diagram

Part 23: How to do your initial planning in a process diagram

Part 24: Tips about the toolbars – more interesting than it sounds

Part 25: How to print your perfect Gantt chart

Part 27: WBS

Part 28: How to get your sample files

Part 28B: How to read your sample files

Happy reading and please questions as comments on individual posts


  1. sudheer kumar
    2011/04/28 at 5:06 pm

    hai,iam sudheer greatful to u,for helping me to train in MSP

    • Anna Forss
      2011/05/25 at 2:53 pm

      thank you? please share if there is anything that is missing from the tutorial

  1. 2011/03/26 at 5:36 pm

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