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Clear or unclear

I've just had an interesting discussion with the helpdesk of an organization. I used e-mail when contacting the organization. I was trying to understand the conditions for a suggested agreement and one part stated:

If value X is between 1 and 10, condition A is applicable. If value X is between 9 and 20, condition B is applicable.

Since condition A and B cannot be combined, I contacted the helpdesk to get the condition for 9 and 10 clarified. The answer was B. I thanked them for the response but asked them to change the text so that there would be no misunderstandings. The helpdesk thought this unnecessary since the text was clear.

That is a strange statement. SInce I misunderstood it, there is a real chance of misunderstandings. And the reason was not hard to find, since the two sentences contradict  eachother.

But the strangest thing is that the helpdesk even got into this discussion, defending the current text. The helpdesk staff rather discussed the error than fixed it. Pride in work, hardly.

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