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Is Twitter now my First Line Support

Since we'll have no access to Eurosport in the next week, we started a subscription of Eurosport player the other day. And today, on our first serious usage of the service, it flunked and now we cannot log on. If we weren't saving it using another media, we would miss this, one of the most important stages. Guess my frustration since next week we don't have a backup system and this is the reason we're subscribing.
So, I access the FAQ on Eurosport's web site and there is no information about this problem. But then I turned to Twitter and a quick search for Eurosport made it clear that I was not the only one feeling a bit upset right now.
So, Twitter became my first line support. Companies must stop believing that they can hide their technical or structural problems by not posting information on their web sites because within minutes of their problems it was out on Twitter. The word is spreading and when it comes to a service like Eurosport Player, the reason for people subscribing is not that they want it to work sometime. I wan't to see Tour De France and is not for a second interested a minute after the stage is over. It would be different if I could watch the stage afterwards, but since this is a streaming service, that is not an option presented to me.
I must admit that Twitter wasn't sinking in fast with me, but now I really feel that this is where I get the latest feelings and news from my follow consumers. If something is not working right now, I can probably learn this by using Twitter. Companies that accknowledge this have a good opportunity to meet these feelings at once before the word has spread. Something that Eurosport in this case has failed with.

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