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Kanban, take 2

When do you use kanban? When I read the recommendations from Swedish Crisp, I see that they recommend kanban for support organizations and software development teams where the possibility to solve problems is most important.

The reason for me turning to kanban is just that I want to solve problems. That, I want them solved, things done. Completely done, according to a definition of done.

If you work with a time boxed methodology like scrum, I’ve found it hard to handle scenarios like these:

  1. One day after deployment, a crucial bug is identified so we cannot install on customer sites until the upcoming delivery.
  2. In the middle of a sprint, a resource becomes unavailable (sick, has to solve issues outside the project).
  3. At the end of the sprint, it becomes obvious that the story cannot be completed and that to meet the deadline with acceptable quality.

With kanban, I can handle these problems much easier and this is why I like this approach in one of my current, very complex projects. Of course, we’ll run into other problems but as a project manager I want the right things done to the right quality.

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