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Stockholm Agile Product Owners & Project Managers, unite!

I met Dan BerghJohnsson on a lunch in June and we were discussing our common interests in Domain Driven Design and agile methodologies. We share the notion that the agile values walk hand in hand with DDD and how DDD help the communication in agile projects.

Getting developers involved in agile is often no problem, instead one of the biggest challenges is getting the commitment from project managers and the chosen product owner. Too often agile and DDD is seen as a developer’s question but to be highly successful, the commitment starts in the product owner.

Developers often meet and exchange ideas, they blog about their findings and build communities, but the product owners deriving from the business perspective (project/product manager–>product owner) are not common in the agile community.

So, Dan and I discussed how we can build a network for product owners/agile project managers in Sweden, starting here in Stockholm. We’re planning an informal get-together sometime in early autumn so if you’d like to participate, do contact me or Dan. If you’re not a product owner but is still interested in such a network, of course you’re also welcome.

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