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A sole misfit is not diversity

My post on the risks about the small tight team has resulted in a bunch of interesting discussions. Olga Kouzina writes about the risk of too much discussions not resulting in anything productive. And I cannot but agree. When you are entering or is in the middle of an intense debate, remember why you're discussing and what the outcome can be of your debate. Too many discuss too long without any result. We need discussion best practices to avoid this.

But Kouzina also points to the risk of the single outcast and the lone Opposite, the one who is always opposing everything. I agree with her view point and I think a clarification is in place. Including a single opposite mind is not building a diverse team. If you choose a single person to hold this role to play the devil's advocate, you will not harvest the intelligence of the crowd.

Building a diverse team is a strategic approach to the whole team. If you think you're diverse if you have a single outsider you've nothing more than a hostage situation.

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