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A risk with verbal discussions?

I'm a sucker for informal, IRL meetings and discussions and decision making.

But there are risks too. When you rise a question with someone, you're probably place great value in the question and the answer. But what if the person you're talking to? Is he just semi concentrated? How big are the risks that he, the minute you leave the meeting, rushes to the next question and meeting, not remembering the question and not paying so much attention to the decision or even that he made a decision.

I fell into this trap last week, which lead to a lot of confusion and unnecessary heat.

But as I now reflect on the incident, I must say that the problem is not the verbal discussion or the verbal decision making. I really think that had we had the conversion using e-mail, more attention might not have been placed to the question. Many probably read and answer more e-mails than they have verbal discussions during a normal work day. The only difference I think is that if you use e-mail, you have some proof of the conversation. But how would that help with the real problem? And what is the real problem anyway?

Gotta think about this a little bit more…

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