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The power of will power

Failing a project is never fun but in the case of my projects, they don’t result in death. Projects such as climbing Mount Everest most often result in death if they fail at the wrong moment of the project. If there is a storm and you’re near the summit, it’s a sure death. Or is it?

In this amazing film, Ken Kamler tells the amazing story of will power and how a person came back from death. But it’s also about making hard decisions and facing reality.

The power of the human mind and the human will power should never be estimated. Yes, I’m a sucker for these stories and Beck Weather’s own account for the incident is going up on my reading list.

But another reflection is that if will power can bring life and survival, bring project success; what happens in the case the will power is directed towards project failure? Do you have someone who really don’t want your project to succeed in your team? What will his will power do to your project?

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