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Microsoft Project Tutorial – Part 8 – Outlining tasks

If you have a lot of tasks you will probably outline them like this:


Scope is here a heading for the other tasks. To achieve this, you will have to select rows 2-6 in the example below:


and click Indent .

The other button is used when you select the subtasks of a heading task you can click Outdent . Then the task above will cease to be a heading task. In other words, you can not make a task a heading task but by indenting tasks below, a task turns into a heading task…

Some more tips on outlining: remember that you can have multiple levels! Also, be careful on how you handle heading tasks. You should never assign resources to a heading task and the duration is always calculated on a heading task. If you link a heading task to another task, all the subtasks are affected.

If you want to make heading tasks a little bit more clearer, select Tools—>Options and click on View tab.


You can select Show outline numbers and/or Project Summery task. The result will look something like this Row 0 is the Project summery task):


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