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Microsoft Project Tutorial Part 28 The resource graph

Wouldn’t you say that it’s hard to be Sarah in this example:


When you view the Resource Graph (View—>Resource Graph), it can look something like this.

On the left side you have a resource. If you scroll the left scroll bar, you select resource. And on the right side you have the graph, showing some kind of information. But what are you look at?

Well, if you look at the text just over the left horizontal scroll bar you can see that it reads “Pek Units”. This means that Sarah has assigned AT THE MOST 200% during Q2 2009.

If you change view to Gantt chart, you can see that she’s not so very booked after all:


She’s actually booked 200%, but just during 1 minute. So, don’t take the resource graph too seriously.

But the resource graph can be used. If we switch back you can see that you can right click the diagram part and choose metric. And here Work probably says more that Peak Work:


And if we use a better project, it actually says something. When I changed to a real project, changed metrics to Work and customized the timescale (double click timescale) to show months and weeks, I can see the work load for each resource per week:


Compare this with the same view but with Peak Units selected instead;



Too much heat

If I wasn’t a skeptic, I would probably see it as an omen, but since I’m just a boring gal, I just see it as freak coincidences. When I started at TUI Nordic, I got a brand new phone and after a month, the camera burned. No, not the battery, the camera short circuited and caught fire.


Well, my computer started acting weird a couple of months ago. It has been increasingly difficult to use it. It has just stopped working at time and sometimes restarted itself out of the blue. The last strange thing was when I realized that it worked “best” while on batteries.

Well, today, my new computer arrived and I turned in the old one. They actually got it started but when I came back after an hour, he’d placed the thing on the side. He’d found the problem. It was over heating. So, it just started because I hadn’t tried using it over the weekend. But when he had it up and running it after a few minutes reached a temperature of 70C.

Am I working too hard, or say? They use to say that I’m passionate about my projects but burning the equipment is pushing it too hard.

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