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Personas and Siri

Yesterday, one of the team members introduced me to the site http://shitthatsirisays.tumblr.com/. I’ve never been a big fan of these intelligent guides, probably because it does not suite me as a user so even if I do find myself with an IPhone using Siri, I will probably not use that service.

But what is interesting with Siri, from what I can see from the examples, is that Apple must have used personas which made fun of the functionality and actually built it with these guys in mind. Not only do they try out the edge cases, but while doing so they are active online and this has a viral effect. My friend told me and now I’m spreading the link on my blog.

And the examples shows that Apple does not only realize how their users are, but they also show that they are not so super serious, allowing us to make fun of them and ourselves. Again, Apple is to be saluted. Darn, they are so good.

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