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The tipping point of agile in an organization

I think I’ve always worked with agile values and even after this becomes so outdated that it’s embarrassing for me and everyone around me, I guess I will stick to those values since they are near and dear to me. Getting stuff to work for real, working as a part of a group, collaborating and acting on change is both my strengths and my weaknesses.

But when does an organization become agile? “Are we there yet?” as so many kids have asked their annoyed parents in cars and planes and trains all over the world. I guess that large organizations are always and never there since there where always be areas where the agile values are melted into the foundation and areas where this is not an option. Yes, that goes for Google and its likes as well.

But what I find interesting at work right now is that we’ve somehow reached a tipping point where agile is no longer the odd case but something you can actually expect people to know and embrace. Not everyone is agile, interested in agile or wants to be agile but that is, as I mentioned, expected in any organization or group.

I guess there are many reasons for this and I cannot at this moment say what actually made us reach a tipping point. I don’t think anyone standing at any tipping point really knows that if the tipping point is not super obvious.

So what is next? Adapt to change, collaborate, working for working software, be part of a team and having loads of fun while doing so.

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