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And so they lived happily ever after…

We all heard those fairytale stories in our childhood. The basic setup was almost always the same: A happy start, then the heroes had to fight some evil foes just to end up winning the show “and so they lived happily ever after”.

Most of us grow up and learn that the real hardship is not in that initial challenge, to cross that first victory line: the challenge is to stay that successful.

But somehow, in the world of project management, it sometimes feels like we still believe in fairies and magic. We still think that the challenge is to bring the project to an end and everyone that stands in the way is an evil troll or witch. “They keep changing their mind” “The requirements they write is not good enough” “Operations are not taking responsibility”.

Two weeks ago, the crown princess of Sweden finally tied the knot and this almost felt like that old story again but we are wise to listen to the words of the new HRH Daniel of Sweden.

We all, like HRH Daniel, know that when the happy end has been passed, the real work starts. The real work is the every day struggle to keep everyone as happy as they were on that happy project launch. Independent of if you’re working with princesses or just your average everyday user.

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