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Settling down with specification by example

We’ve now moved into iteration three or something like that. Some of the practices have changed, some stay, but it’s still both so rewarding and hard. Writing good examples are really so much harder than one could have expected.

What works for me is that we start with a group. The group can be between two and five people. We discuss first with eyes on each other and on the whiteboard. No writing should be allowed just to keep us concentrated on the dialogue.

We then take a coffee break, go back and try to structure the conclusions in a semi example way. The guys most often talk about how to make it a good example given the Gherkin language but otherwise the focus is on the business rules.

We then part ways. It never takes more than 2 hours, most because you need to change focus and not become too stuck. We are never done after two hours but continuing is only semi constructive.

I finish up my notes and send them to the developer responsible for typing in the example. He takes notes too and can therefore compare the two versions in order to see how clear we are.

After a first rough version we sit down together and discuss how well the example(s) match our discussions. This takes no longer than 30 minutes and after this the developer updates the example. This is often an iterative process where we can have many very short discussions but after a few rounds, we feel that we are done.

There after I sit down with another developer, letting him read and explain the example to me. This is to ensure that the example is interpreted as expected but also that it can be understood by someone else. This always result in some minor changes.


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