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Draftning a first example

2011/08/30 2 comments

Yesterday, we worked on values, objectives and user stories in one of our projects. We were also given a short introduction to SBE by our coach Joakim Holm. SBE, for you who like me are new to to the concept stands for Specification By Example. I will not with my so not even basic whisp of knowledge about what this really means at this point even try to explain it, but we will formulate solid, important requirements and test cases in the form of specifications which can be executable. I will probably go into more details in later posts but if you want to readup on the subject, just google Specification By Example and you’ll find someone who can explain this much better than me.

So, back to my first encounter with these specifications. When I saw the way they were written, I first didn’t really understand how they relate to user stories – why do both? What is the difference between the notes on the flip side of a story card and a specification?

A bit skeptical, I during the first session started writing user stories. This is familiar grounds for me and we found a bunch of good stories. So I left the user story writing workshop with the intention to write a number of related specifications, exemplifying the user stories. No probs, hey. I know how to write this stuff, don’t I? I’ve written tons of user stories and as many test cases.

But this was no cup of tea. Writing these examples was so much harder than expected and I went home with a draft for one specification and more questions for our next session. Some of the questions are of course questions about formulating examples but most of them are domain questions and a large portion are directed to the developers and the architects. Which I guess is the purpose of this work. Keep you posted.

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