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A short but good week

2011/08/17 1 comment

Since my son’s daycare is closed Thursday and Friday, this happened to become a very short working week but we’ve done some really good progress these few days. I started working for TUI Nordic with my main objective to work with the introduction of agile practices but I soon found other targets and the work with agile principles have not been on my list for some time now but suddenly, this week, things just started to happen. From many different initiatives the call for agile practices has been heard and I’ve worked with some key agile factors during this week. And what I really enjoy is that there is no rush toward agile in itself but some of the challenges which agile practices target. Hence I feel that we’ve taken many small steps this week. And that is wonderful news, not that we introduce a model or a framework, but that we’re working on important issues.

My company is an enterprise organization, which brings challenges in itself. I’ve read so many books and blogs on “scaling” scrum, agile, etc, but I’ve not really seen any which takes into consideration that 1+1 can sometimes become 100. There are so many cultural and practical challenges when you work for an international organization and these challenges cannot be met using post-its.

But I’m hopeful. I can see that the initiators of these agile practices which I’ve seen this week are not shy of enterprise challenges. Nor are they unaware of the differences between books on small agile teams in new companies and our situation. It is my opinion that we share a pragmatic and realistic approach here. And this is just one reason for looking forward to the next, longer work week. Having fun and working with such interesting products are of course also key factors, not to forget the people in our organization.

But for now, I’m heading back to a short finale on my summer vacation. Tomorrow it will be Lego, Star Wars and all possible combinations there are of these two.

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