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New challenges, same office

After having worked as a project manager at TUI Nordic for two years, I will from now on take on a different role in the company. What we’ve seen is that there is a need for cross implementation focus on the online user experience and will work with this from now on. This does of course not mean that I will not work in the project form from now on but rather that I work with our online customer’s experience independent of how TUI Nordic chooses to implement new functionality.

While becoming even more agile, TUI Nordic hope to implement more user value in the form of smaller projects and change requests and by enabling us to have a better overview independent of the implementation form, we hope to build an even stronger user experience online.

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A marshmallow, some strings, a little bit of tape, some spaghetti and a team

2010/12/16 1 comment

Yesterday, after our delivery, I took the time to perform the Marshmallow challenge with a team of project managers and a team of developers. It’s an interesting exercise since:

1. It only takes 30 minutes

2. It explains a lot of challenges during a project

3. It exposes the team feeling

4. It’s fun & easy.

What I did was simply viewing this TED video, setting up the challenge and then showed the film for the participants. If only everything in life was this easily executed.

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The smell of delivery

2010/12/16 1 comment

It’s no wonder that I’ve been quite silent on the blogging front lately. I’ve been busy delivering a project before Christmas and yesterday, we made it.

It’s quite weird to deliver on the day like this: we set the date before starting and it sometimes felt quite strange: I’ve worked so long with agile values that this seemed like breaking so many rules. But the fixed date kept us focused and everyone aware of the need for prioritization.

So, yesterday the D-Day was finally there and we were all a bit spooked. Would this work? And it actually did. We have now updated a large and key area of the site without any major defects identified so far.

How does it feel? We’re of course proud of making it. But most of all; I’m proud of the team work. When performing the retrospective today; the happy feeling persisted and this is based on the work everyone put in making this a successful project. Of course there are stuff that I could have been happier about have I/we done it differently, but when is not that true? But most importantly; we’ve gone through this stronger and happier. And hopefully our customers will have a smoother experience finding inspiration and their next holiday.

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