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There is no No Rules situation

Many years ago, me and my husband visited a New Year’s Party, which has stuck to my mind for many reasons but one was that there was no dress code in the invitation. We were a bit confused but dressed up a little bit but chose outfits which could be adapted to a more slack situation.

When we got to the party we could see that we hadn’t guessed wrongly: this was not just a casual dinner.

Everyone was enjoying themselves expect for one guy. He had taken the “come as you are” statement literary and wasn’t wearing a suite. He felt he didn’t belong and he left as soon as he could have. Other people in similar situations tend to get themselves drunk instead and just a few don’t care. We like to fit in.

There are many situations at work (at least here in Sweden) where you are told that there are no rules. You can do it how ever you feel fit. But in many cases this is not true. There are untold truths, acceptable options/non options in many situations. If you’re lucky, you have a Commander’s intent and/or a good manager to guide you, but if you’re not that lucky you end up being the only one not wearing a tux.

If your department or project have these untold codes and rules: Get Them Into The Open. By saying that there are no rules you are up for disappointment and worries.

So what do the good leader do in situations like the new year’s party. Well, first of all you should never not have a dress code to such an event but would it happen, the good manager takes of his jacket too so that the lonely guy is not that alone anymore.

Now you probably wonder what blunder I’ve done at work but the truth is that I’ve been invited to yet another Christmas party without a dress code. I think I’m going as Darth Vader.

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