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Requirements Specification or Overview

Today, I had a meeting during which one of my current projects were discussed. One of the participants asked me about the requirements specification. And my response was: we don’t have one; we’re trying to working with an agile approach. The response to this was quick – agile is not an excuse not to document. But I never said we don’t document.

For me, specification is not a positive word. If you consider the word “Law”, a picture can be the law book, and the book worm, preferring reading and reciting rather than meeting others. Here I find the word specification.


But the word “Law” can also have another side, illustrated by the following picture, when you way stuff. There is seldom a right and a false side. We just have to find the most fair way to view things. Here there are no specifications, but rather an idea, discussions and a general impression of what we want more off and what we need less off. Could you call it a requirements overview? I guess there is no correct word. My discussion partner asked if we instead had a backlog, but that term does not catch what I’m after.


We have mission statements, flowcharts, prototypes and user stories which describes what experience we want for the users. If you want to call that a specification, you may, but I need a better word which does not bring that book worm picture to my mind.

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