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Usability testing must cover situation and system

A lesson learned from Predictably Irrational is to test usability in the situation the customer will be in when he will be making that decision/using that system. If you ask a sober young student during a day time study if he would drive under the influence, you might get another answer if you ask that question to the same man, drunk as a skunk, leaving a party.

It is so easy to bring in users in a testing environment, turning off their phones, and making them test the system. They will not behave the same way when they are trying to get all the figures ready for the important meeting, already late to pick up the kids from daycare and with the phone ringing and the high pitched voiced colleague babbling at the next table.

You can just imagine what the product developer for these sandals thought about the ease with which you can put on those shoes. Dead simple.

Guy with Sandal Problem.

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