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Taking the train with dr Deming

Sometimes you cannot help wondering how you´ve become who you are.

This evening, I´m on the train towards Lund in south of Sweden to meet
with a possible supplier. So, I have two hours of time available.

Great, I thought. Finally time to read W E Demings. So here I´m
reading a book called The New Economics for Industry, Government and
Education. Voluntarily. How did this happen… And even more
facinating; I enjoy the reading too.

But I guess that if I was one of all these young students around me, I
wouldn´t have had an idea of what he was talking about. This is one of
the books you wish students would read but you realize they have no
possibility to understand before they have worked for a number of
years. And to be frank, not all seasoned workers would understand it
either. Not that the language is difficult. It might be dry, but
clearly understandle. if you know what problem he´s covering. So, what
is about¿ It´s about Deming´s view on management for a long term
successful organization, an organization for which success does not
only happen but is created, maintained and improve.

Many of us has management as a part of work. It can be a school, team,
student group, company or a family. Deming does not let us place blame
on anything or anyone else but management. On all levels.

I will get back with examples, but remember that this a book which is
difficult to take the time to read, is easy to read but is hard to
understand if you as a part of your management style rely on ranking,
blaming and adoration of oneself. To be that manager though, is a life
long project. Now, back to reading

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