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Losing faith

Just before we went on our winter vacation to Thailand in November, I
purchased a camcorder. I’m not usually the one in our family who wants
new technical stuff but I wanted this.

After some careful thinking I stuck with our usual brand, Canon. As I
said to my husband in the store – I just wanted it to work.

It was not a cheap thing, it was a bit more expensive than I had
calculated, but the good film quality, the possibility of extra lamp
made it a done deal.

I’ve seldom been as disappointed. Not with the features as such. The
films are brilliant, but the UI is an insult to a customer. The
camcorder is OK but it’s the PC software which is ugly, almost
impossible to use and filled with misspellings.

In an earlier post, I discussed the clean and bare UI as a strategy
for a specific type of user. This is not the case here. The UI and the
so called “user manual” has gravely affected my view on the Canon
brand. In other words, this has made me lose faith in the Canon brand.

And as all that once lost faith knows, regaining faith is hard, almost
impossible. What is interesting is that it was not the product in
itself but the experience that failed.

If you take pride in your product, you take pride in the experience.
The people struggling to realize the wonderful film quality should be
mad by the bare thought that their effort is bundled with such low
quality manuals and software.

I’ve now filed a ticket at canon helpdesk. It will be interesting to
see if this will make me at least an agnostic again

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