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A sure way to project failure

When I'm planning for a upcoming project, I use Microsoft Project for estimating costs and to make a rough plan for when we could expect to be done. I make a rough estimate of what need to do and then estimate which people are necessary and how much time it would take to get a result. Yes, I know it sounds dangerously close to waterfall, but this is to learn if this is a one million SEK project or 5. Are we finished by this summer or Christmas?

But what happens is that when I see the result, an immediate thought is "This cannot be. It cannot take this much time and it cannot cost all this money."

And here lies a sure way to project failure and that is to act on that question and start cutting so that it doesn't feel that awful.

But it's better if it feels awful before you start, that you are amazed by the costs upfront instead of wondering why you couldn't keep that budget. If you're in the middle of a project and feel the budget is slipping; ask yourself if you cut corners in the budget even before you started working. Building software is amazingly expensive and take so much time.

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