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Who is the corporate hero?

Take a good look at these two images.

image image

Yes, she looks a bit freaky, but besides this. Which person(s) would you classify as a hero?

Jeffrey Phillips asks in his blog post, Why is fire fighting more valuable than avoiding fires.

And the answer is in these two pictures. It’s not heroic to do the cleaning. For many, it’s very satisfying to feel like a hero. You get a lot of credit and recognition. In many cases, the people preventing fires are considered negative, backwards thinking and boring.

We all know that we need both but how much of you’re time do you spend rewarding the fire fighters and how much time do you spend on appreciating those who are preventing fires?

Being a part of TUI Nordic means that I have the chance to work with TUIFly Nordic, our air carrier. In their culture, the picture is the opposite. Zero tolerance for failure. Constant follow up and process improvement is built into the company walls. There is a sense of constant urgency. An urgency to improve and an urgency to prevent that fire from ever happening.

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