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Hug your kid

Today I was reminded of the fragility of our happiness. A friend of mine has come upon hard times and when I today just had a glance of what he has gone through and what he's going through makes all my troubles seem so small. When I this afternoon picked up the kids from daycare, I was struck again with the agony one must feel when the things we take for granted are shattered. Knowing my friend, he would today be glad if he could struggle with the kids boots and laugh at their silly jokes while evading a parents efforts to get them all home for supper. He would love to be able to struggle to get everyone to their daily routines and he would smile if he could hurry, too late again, to daycare.

I once worked with a research pre dialysis nurse. She worked with kidney patients who all suffered the process of failing kidneys. For many of them, it was a circular process. They were fine, got on pre dialysis, then dialysis, and then if they were lucky; a transplant. If they were lucky, the kidney lasted 10 years and then they had to go through everything again. And still, her studies showed that the transplanted patients were even happier than healthy people. Even if they knew that had about 10 years before they were back on dialysis and that they might not get a new kidney then. But they had seen hell and returned. So they knew how to appreciate life and their families.

Hug your kids this evening. There are people for whom this would be the ultimate dream come true

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