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The stop sign committee

Ayende recommended on Twitter this video, where the ordinary stop sign is being the focus point of your average project steering group.


We might look and laugh at the project steering group, wishing for all these features. But what about that designer? Why don’t he say No? He just sighs and add the new feature. Without having tested the previous features and proven their qualities.

I see this behavior as the biggest problem with the sequence, not that there are ideas presented. I think that a core value in agile software development is that the customer can wish for anything but we do what has the highest priority. And we implement the highest prioritized items at the user as soon as possible. Another key is of course quality. When I hear horror stories about failing projects and angry customers it is too often that you keep adding features before the previous ones are working. You add the bling-bling before you can make the basic functionality stable.

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