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Teaching as a part of learning

One of the key parts of the Seven habits program I’m following is to include other people. The idea is that when you teach other, you gain a greater knowledge yourself. You need to reflect on the findings and referring them to another person. Also, this is an opportunity to test your hypothesizes on others.

So, I’ve booked a number of sessions with a former colleague, Morten. He’s a bright young developer from my former job, and we share a lot experiences, which we can base our discussions in. We’re also different; he’s a developer, he’s ten years younger and we will probably have to work the most on different habits.

Our first session was really interesting and even if we’ve discussed the concept of leadership so many times before, the discussion took a completely other route. Also, we discussed the personal choices in a broader perspective. To summarize; we both left the session with a bunch of new stuff to think about.

I’m also glad to see that Morten is sharing his ideas and experience with this collaboration on his blog. I’m really looking forward the next step!

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