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Presence in the past does not help today

2009/10/01 2 comments

The previous weeks have been hectic, 7 habits classes, lots of meetings, trips and more meetings. I usually send a couple of days a week in the developer team room, but during this period, I’ve just come and gone.

It’s pretty amazing how fast you lose your touch with reality. Even if I’ve been down and said hi almost every day, I’ve not been a part of the every day hassle and questions and that is evident. I’ve become a chicken in just two weeks.


Now, it become so obvious since the time between me leaving and returning to the team was short. But what if this would have been gradual? Or if I’d been gone for half a year? Or perhaps worst; if I’d never been a pig in the project? To be able to see that something is missing, you need to know what you’re missing in the first place.

So, I’m more confident than ever that the product owner IS a part of the team and not just as a happy fellow who drops by and says hi or just hangs around without making a difference to the actual work. A good product owner brings value to the team and the process and to be able to do so I need to be and work in the team room.

Well, you might think that daily meetings does it but I don’t think that this enough. Quite the opposite. If you’re a product owner who just comes for the daily standup, this meeting will probably be about informing you and keeping you updated.

So, what will be my measurement of whether or not I’m a product owner who is part of the project? Well, that is if I on most daily standups can share what I’ve done for that project and that is not only having meetings.

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