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The calumet in the form of a biscuit

Yesterday was spent in the company of supplier in Bristol. It might seem like an outdated solution to bother to travel to a supplier, but having worked close with both business people and developers, I truly believe that a personal meeting beats it all. In all our upcoming meetings, which probably will be held over the phone or using our web based conference systems, we will at least have a face and the meeting in memory.

Working with agile values we all know this. But in the days of digital communications and green values, it’s so easy to think that it don’t make such a big difference.

The problem is that in the case of software systems, the developers are not included in the actual meeting of clients. Perhaps XP set aside, many use proxies or let the manager meet the customers. If I can chose, I think it’s better if the developer meet the customers. Customers like seeing the guys working with their tools and developers will (I think) do a much better job if they see the actual people and hear the words from the source

Sitting there eating biscuits and drinking tea, it almost felt like the traditional calumet. The native Americans were not stupid when they applied this ritual. And the idea of two persons sitting in different parts of their world sipping on a pipe of their own is not the same thing. Why would we ever think that modern meetings are different?

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