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The simple things make the touch things easier

Just before the summer, we started working on a rather big project and as the autumn has now come, we’re really starting to work the project properly.

Since we’re geographically separated in the project, we have a big an important challenge from start. Add to this, developers working completely different systems, I felt that we need to break down some barriers. It’s not that these guys haven’t worked on the same project before, but I think we should build on the notion that were also working TOGETHER on this project.

So, yesterday evening I dragged the crew, alongside one of the most important stakeholders to my small house and we gathered around a dinner table. Everyone brought their own food, so there was minimal planning for me to do. Also, when people bring their own stuff to an event like this, they tend to hang around in the kitchen, so we can really meet.

Today we were of course a bit tired, the playing of Nintendo WII took a little bit longer than participated, but we were happy with a smile on our faces.

One of the innovative leaders on TUI Nordic explained this so simply; it’s not about sharing the private stuff; it’s about sharing the personal things. When we can become personal, we build our empathy and our togetherness, and that simple fact makes the hard stuff much easier.

And of course, the mixing of people from different department is always fruitful. This morning, one of the stakeholders realized, after a discussion we had last evening, that there was one challenge we need to address in the project.

So, don’t think you don’t have time for social gatherings and startup events; you don’t have the time to not have the time for them.

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