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Fixing the problem

I’ve already complained here about the lousy online tool that Mittuniversitetet is using for their online courses and the poor quality of their classes but so far I’ve endured it- But I think I’ve had it.

There is some kind of calendar functionality in the system. Not that you can send notifications to another digital calendar, but it at least enables user to log on and you can see what is happening the coming week without looking at all courses. But that requires that all the teachers posts things in the calendar. This week, one of the teachers didn’t. Instead he sent a notification a couple of weeks ago about the exam. But since those cannot be opened afterwards and the calendar was empty, I missed it. He then said that he would open the exam yesterday, but I tested multiple times during the day, without luck.

But today I can see something new on the portal. Since all teachers at least have realized that the tool is not exactly self instructive, they’ve made WebCT browsing mandatory in all classes. But this is not enough, so they’ve also created a specific course in WebCT.

Fixing the problem.

If the problem is that the system does not work for the users, do something about the system. There must be something that works out there on the market. But instead making students waste even more time on their system which they will hopefully never see again after they’ve finished their training is wasting their money and time.

And just to ace that, when I now e-mailed the support, the address given on the web site is not working. How about some lean values on Mittuniversitetet?

So, I think I’m going to skip these classes this autumn and wait for a functioning system or just start reading at another institution. Also, this autumn I’ll be taking a number of 7 steps classes through TUI Nordic. I place my hope in that.

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