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Learning from failure

We all love happy stories, the success. That is; we love to tell those stories. We like to share when we did everything right and when the success came. But what did you learn more from; the success or the failure? When we look at the scientific method, we can see that a failed testing of a theory says more than a non failure. A success means that the theory has not yet been disproven.

When writing Confessions of a serial product owner, downloadable on my site, I tried including my failures as well and it’s almost spooky to hear the words from Scott Bellware at Öredev 2007. Agile is not a silver bullet. Waterfall is not the solution. Is lean the solution? Probably not, but one step at the time is the only way you can walk. The talk is 50 minutes but really starts from scratch if you’re new to agile and lean. Do take the time and thanks TVAgile for sharing the link:

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