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A simple rule to rule them all

I love Office OFFLine and I love Indexed, so no wonder I love this collaboration. You can also switch First Draft with Specifications and it’s even better.

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Business value of the boring stuff

2009/08/17 1 comment

This weekend, our vacuum cleaner broke down. We both looked devastated on the thing. Not so much for the money (which of course is boring to spend) but for the knowledge that we now would have to spend a lot of time buying a new one.

First, I tried to make an educated, good decision and scanned different communities and sites for the most recommended and best value. But I soon lost interest and found myself surfing on more interesting stuff. That is most things in the universe. I tried looking at one of those cleaning robots but realized that with two floors, one dog and a boy into Lego, this would probably cause more time spent than our gain.

So, I just gave up and went to the store. I went to one of those malls where are multiple stores to choose from, but realized when I got there that it wasn’t worth my time shopping around. So, I picked a store and went inside.

There are an silly amount of options out there, folks. One brand can have five or six different models in your average store. People went around there, testing the things. I just stared. How could I possibly choose?

And then I nearly fell into the trap that most product owners do when they prioritize. They think that something is boring so they go for the cheapest option out there. I almost picked the cheapest one when I realized, Hey, I hate cleaning. Why should I have the worst possible tool when I do the stuff I hate the most? Won’t that make me hate it even more?

The same goes for product owners. They probably don’t think upgrades, logging, error handling and installation features are the stuff of their dreams, so they try to get this as cheap as possible. And then they complain when bugs go unnoticed for months. When regression testing is a hassle, when upgrades takes forever and roll back is not possible.

I didn’t pick the most expensive vacuum cleaners. I took one in the upper level without a bag. I don’t like shopping those bags either. Since I don’t even know the model I’m using, I’m stuck trying to find that just to know that the specific bags are not available then. And they cost a lot of money. With a Golden Retriever you tend to spend a lot of bags.

Well at home, I found that the new thingy made it easier to clean at home. And having a remote in the handle is really a good thing. The dog hair is handled much better and one of the rugs are clean for the first time in five years. Well, I thought it was kind of clean before but now I know.

And one thing more, skipping the bag means that I can see all the stuff I vacuum. No more hiding of dirt. And that is also important in software development. Never hide your garbage for your in house staff. Better that they know about it and help with the cleaning.