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How boring is not Work In Progress?

Now, when things are slowly returning to normal after my holiday, it again hits me in the face: how boring is not Work In Progress? I try to leave stuff Not Started or Finished when I leave for holidays and this year, I was successful. It's not that I don't have projects running, I don't have tasks in progress.

But when it comes to my courses in Informatics, I today remembered that I have a class which is Work In Progress. I was reminded by the fact that I was approved to the Autumn Classes. One should be happy about that, but it simply reminded me about that course, which I haven't finished. I have until the end of the month to complete it so it's no rush. But it's… In Progress. Which makes it boring.

Why? The thrill of a new task is gone and of course I left it half done for a reason. I just have to learn, don't leave work in progress. Tasks don't age like wine, they become vinegar.

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