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What do you depend on?


As all that cook knows, many of the secrets of cooking is handling the dependencies. It does not matter if the steak is wonderful if the potato isn’t served at the same time.

It’s the same with software development. A team is not an self sustaining island which can work independently. Without dependencies, the project probably isn’t important to anyone, so what’s the point?

But dependencies are hard to handle and the chain starts to fail, the death march is often a risk. It’s like when I go home from work. If the last meeting is late, I tend to get into heavier traffic on the way home, which leads to me picking up the dog late and perhaps coming late to day care.

Dependencies are inevitable but all dependencies are not necessary. What you need to know is which dependencies your project or team has; official and unofficial. Then find out the need for the different dependencies. Finally, you try to rid yourself and the project from the dependencies which is needed.

This is easier than done. But one way to ease your every day. For more on dependencies, take the time to read Mike Cottmeyer on the subject.

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