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To sprint or not to sprint, that is the question

The problem with scrum and agile lingua is that it’s so often misunderstood. Being a runner myself, ‘having a sprint’ is something completely different than what you want in a scrum sprint. When I sprint, I run like hell until I reach the goal and there should not be any energy left to just start a new  sprint. Mike Cohn told a similar story with a team which used Sprint as a term for when you just coded like hell just to meet a deadline. Not the sustainable pace, in other words.

Reading Seth Godin’s blog post Sprint!, I can see that his concept of a sprint is more in the line of the runner’s sprint rather than the rugby and scrum sprint.

So, is ‘sprint’ a good word to use? Does it not cause a lot of confusion? Especially if you also use words like iteration. I’ve found that I’ve stopped using the word at my new position. Not deliberately, but I’ve realized that I will be misunderstood if I use that word. Worth reflecting on when introducing scrum in a new organization.

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