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The decision you didn’t know that you took

If you’re like me, not sitting directly with the developers, you might not think that you have the time to be there physically. Working for an international company, we have that issue to deal with. I wouldn’t call it a problem, it’s a challenge to have a product owner who never sees the developer’s during the actual work. One way to handle the challenge is that we who are available take the time to be physically on site.

You might just sneak into the room on the way from lunch or take that cup of coffee and drink your coffee standing next to a developer. Most of them don’t bite.

Every time you miss the opportunity to go into the developer’s room you should see that as an active decision, which you unknowingly left to a developer who probably wasn’t sure which option was correct. Perhaps it was just a small thingy, so he didn’t bother to call anyone. So he guessed and chances are that he chose the wrong alternative. Or perhaps just a not as good option. If you’d been there, the better option would have been "free" but a later change always cost more.

So, make the choice, take the opportunity when it presents itself and go and spend the perhaps most valuable minutes of your day. How many times do you have the chance to make so many decisions which are carried out at once in just a dew minutes?

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