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Please, let me get back to work… A developer’s view on meetings?

Leon Bambrick at Secret Geek calls it Meetingitis. Leon’s description of the situation is as follows:

  1. Q:What do managers do when they’re stressed?
    • A:They call a meeting.
  2. Q:What gets managers stressed out?
    • A:When projects are not making progress.
  3. Q:When do projects fail to make progress?
    • A:When people spend too much time in meetings.

I don’t think Leon is alone: developers don’t consider meetings as work. And you’ve probably heard this before: ‘When will this meeting end, I really need to get back to work…’

But then, developer’s complain that they are never informed, included in early discussions and have to pick up the trash after other’s decisions. And where are these decisions made? Probably in a meeting. So what’s the problem? Are the developers invited to the wrong meetings (a k a then ones where decisions are made) or are they not paying attention? Or are the meetings held when the developers really don’t have the time so they are thinking about something else? Or is the form of the meetings inefficient or unclear? The answer to this question is probably: all of the above. And probably ten other reasons I didn’t come to think about this Saturday evening. But think about it, talk about it and make it work.

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