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Just do it

Isn’t that just a wonderful slogan? I know it’s old, but it’s amazing that those three words means so much together than individually. If you close your eyes, and think about those three words, chances are great that you can see a situation or moment in time which IS that Just Do It moment. For me as a pro cycling fan, Lance Armstrong is the person who I think about and there a couple of moments in his career which give me the goose bumps when I see them on YouTube.

It’s interesting how Just Do It works in every day life. The slogan concern sports and as a runner since the summer 2000, I know that keeping up the habit of exercising can be summarized as Just Do It. We all know the excuses, we don’t have time. We are feeling some pain somewhere. It’s too warm. It’s too cold. But we all know that in most cases (yes, yours as well) it’s just that you don’t just do it. You select something else. For me, running is Just Do It. Like today. I thought it was going to be a nice, sunny spring day for my run home. So, I brought shorts to work. When I was just getting ready to go home, one of the colleges at work sent me a message: its’s snowing and it’s really windy. Actually it was raining and snowing at the same time.

Going home, I realized I never considered skipping that run just because I wore the wrong pants that day. That’s Just Do It.

Just Do it is finding the reasons WHY and don’t getting filled up with the excuses. Yes, there can be why not’s as well. But really, we all know that most of them are just excuses.

And that is probably why Lance Armstrong called his first book It’s not about the bike. As with Just Do It, this statement holds so much emotions, but not as powerful as Just Do It. Just Do It can be understood by anyone who has a steady exercise habit. To understand It’s not about the bike, you need to know your professional cycling. I can probably not explain it to someone who’s not interested in the sport. But to keep it short: what makes you a multi time winner of the Tour of France is not about the things on the outside: it’s not the gear. (And for you who thinks every cyclist uses doping and doping is the reason people win The Tour: well, if that statement was true anyone could win Tour.) It’s about getting out on the road, every day. For hours to an end. Windy, rainy. And it’s about rising when you think that you’ve lost. Like in this other Nike commercial, also very special to the case of Lance Armstrong:

Trying to be the Just Do It person does not mean that you should just do everything, randomly and without objectives. The Just Do It person is a person who has an objective, makes a plan to reach a goal and yes… Just Do It.

For us who are working with software development, we can also use the slogan with a twist: Just Do IT!

So, now I’m going to have a weekend off. Just Do it!

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